What’s happening in your neighborhood

We are revitalizing a portion of our natural gas system serving the west Denver metro area by installing natural gas line and constructing two natural gas regulator stations in Lakewood and Denver.

This work allows us to provide safe, reliable service, increases natural gas system capacity in many metro area communities and enhances system resiliency to extreme weather.

Construction began in early 2023 and will continue through winter 2024.

We work as safely and efficiently as possible to reduce impacts to your community. Schedules are subject to change.


Construction impacts

During work, you may notice:

  • Marking of utility lines and utility survey holes.
  • Road, sidewalk and trail closures.
  • Traffic control.
  • Temporary changes to access.
  • Construction noise.

We’ll restore work areas to preconstruction conditions as weather allows.

We install natural gas line by open trenching and boring.

  • Open trenching involves digging a trench and placing the natural gas line in the trench.
  • Boring uses a bore machine to create an underground pathway through which the line is pulled or drilled.

If you’re near our natural gas regulator station construction site near Sheridan Boulevard in Denver, you may notice natural gas testing procedures. During testing, you might:

  • See flaring natural gas to clear the gas line,
  • Hear air or natural gas venting, or
  • Smell the odorant added to natural gas, which has a sulfur or “rotten egg” odor, though it may smell differently to you.